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Poster: Metal Date: Sep 23, 2004 8:53am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: higher resolution mpeg4 offering

Higher resolution is worth the wait and bandwidth to me. It's worth noting that there are codecs available to allow anyone to use WMP or any player to view any video file format. For the mp4's that I've downloaded from here i use the mpegable codec from is also a superior resource for anything to do with digital video manipulation.

While I'm here, where are those mpeg2 movies? Every time I hit any mpeg2 link here I get nothing.

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Poster: rgs_uk Date: Sep 27, 2004 2:00am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: higher resolution mpeg4 offering

Thanks for the link to mpegable! Excellent. That answers some of my complaints about the mp4 files. Lets me view them in Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic. Though, strangely, unlike DivX and XVId, the mpegable codec doesn't let me open the files in VirtualDub.

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Poster: Cey Date: Oct 5, 2004 8:22am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: higher resolution mpeg4 offering

From what little I've heard, the mpegable codecs aren't as good as many of the other mpeg-4 offerings.

That's been a while though, so you might want to do a little bit of testing to compare it with others, such as Divx, XVid, Nero's, Apple's, etc. etc.

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Poster: jculler Date: Oct 9, 2004 2:44am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: higher resolution mpeg4 offering

Since I started this thread a while back.
I still don't know what the opinion of the
folks who have the power to offer higher
resolution mpeg-4 files.

I have read that some folks prefer the mpeg-2
file formats over mpeg-4.

That's great. My suggestion does not preclude
those file formats.

I've read that some folks don't mind downloading
3 or 4 gig files versus 700 or 800 meg files.

Really, that is 5 times the bandwidth time and
disk space. I don't understand that.

I understand that this site is non-profit and we
are not paying customers. So my suggestion has no standing like a paying customer.

Just a friendly suggestion.

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Poster: Cey Date: Oct 9, 2004 6:06am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: higher resolution mpeg4 offering

As for the mpeg-4 vs. mpeg-2 issue...

mpeg-4 isn't that much better than mpeg-2. Not enough to take a 4g video down to 600m without serious loss of quality.

I know that many many people do that with dvd's to fit them onto cd's, but from what I understand, that's due to a reduction in the quality, not due to vastly better compression in mpeg-4. (That's also been my experience.)

I've heard people say you can get 10x compression over mpeg-2 and all sorts of stuff.

However, other sources say that mpeg-4 itself is likely to only offer 25% to 50% savings over a modern high quality mpeg-2 encoder. (Older encoders aren't as efficient, so in those cases you may indeed get a greater savings.)

Of course, some movies compress better than others. It's always a judgement call about what setting you use for archiving purposes.

Personally, I think they should switch to mpeg-4 completely for new stuff, since it offers encoding at least as good as mpeg-2 and there are free legal decoders.

But I don't think they should drop the larger files. Not for archiving purposes. And many people want to download the best quality they can, so that'll always be the main file.

And then go ahead and offer various lower bit rate versions suitable for cd's, and streaming.

So basically I do agree with you that it'd be nice to have 600m-700m versions. But due to the reduction in quality, I'd still prefer to have a friend with a fast broadband connection download the full quality versions.

But [shrug] my opinion doesn't carry any more weight than yours...[grin]

The way I see it, they are offering some classic movies and stuff for free, so I'm not going to "rock the boat" and mess that up.